General Purpose Networking Hardware and Computer Peripherals

We have access to all of the standard off-the-shelf items that you would find in the large home electronics stores.  Since we do not maintain a retail store-front, we have lower overhead and can therefore pass on those savings to you.  We also stand behind all of the products we sell, and can deliver them right to your desk, as well as install them when we get there.

Desktop PCs

We sell name brand top quality desktop and laptop PCs for use in your environment.  We preconfigure much of the settings so as to minimize the interruption when deploying new systems on site.  We document and track crucial components of your systems so as to minimize recovery time should any serious issues arise.


We custom build several types of servers which are used to fulfill various different usage models.  We are well-versed in the Microsoft Server family of products, as well as having other options which can be used to save time or money during deployment and maintenance phases.  We also custom configure dedicated application-specific servers to be used for specific purposes within your organization.  We also can sell name-brand servers and configure them in the same way depending on your needs, wants and budget.